Hillsboro Church of christ

We are a staff led, elder governed congregation that depends on the compassion and gifts of dedicated servant leaders (deacons & trustees). Together, these groups form a united team with the purpose of guiding the church in the fulfillment of her mission: connecting people to the heart and mission of Jesus.

HCC Elders

  • Roger Epley
  • Dan Fauber
  • John Porter
  • Richard VanZant
  • Steve Allen


  • Chuck Aurigema
  • Larry Burns
  • Jim Davis
  • Deon Fender
  • Scott Haines
  • Harley Maines
  • James Burton
  • Herb Mihalik
  • Barry Stratton
  • Eric Roush

HCC Trustees

  • Pat King
  • Rick Kisling
  • Eric Roush
  • Todd Wigginton
  • Rick Hughes