A key component of the ministry of Jesus was the making of disciples. Jesus taught the crowds, but He made disciples of small groups.

The laser beam focus of Jesus' entire ministry was the training and launching of a core group of disciples with the comission to change the world. In other words, disciples are best made in the relational landscape of intimate community.

We are committed to developing a culture of discipleship in which the commission of Christ to His Bride will be a reality; that is, the training and releasing of maturing disciples who will in turn make more disciples in obedience to the will and command of Christ.


    The Worship Assembly

    This might be viewed as parallel to the crowds of Jesus' ministry.

    Sunday School

    These are age graded, mid-sized groups for children with focus on biblical instruction.

    Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

    These are midsized groups that are more initmate than the worship assembly, and often engage in service to one another in times of need. This might considered the parallel of the 72 that Jesus trained and sent out in pairs (Luke 10:1-24).

    Connection 2:42

    Small groups (8-15) that meet mainly in homes for biblical instruction, fellowship, mutual accountability, and support in an effort to grow in the grace and image of Christ. These groups may possibly be viewed as parallel to the 12 disciples.

    Ministry Teams

    These are small groups that organize around a task or cause with the desire to serve others in the name of Christ.

    Cords of 3

    Intimate small groups (normally 3 persons) that develop deep and lasting friendship based on biblical truth and trust. Accountability is a key component of this type of group.

    Truth Project Groups

    These are short-term connection groups that utilize the teaching of the "Truth Project" as a means of establishing or recovering a biblical worldview; seeing and interpreting life through the lens of Scripture. A "Truth Project" group is a critical starting point for all new believers.

get connected

We believe that small groups most effectively reflect and express the heart of Christ in the task of making disciples.  We encourage all believers to connect to at least one of the more intimate levels of small groups (those beneath the worship assembly).

 We would like to help you get connected.

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