Succession Plan

Wisdom dictates knowing who the "Timothy" is that will follow in the footsteps of "Paul."

Does this Succession Plan mean that Jim is retiring or leaving HCC soon?

No, Jim will continue to serve as the Lead Minister at HCC while a search for his replacement, led by the Elders, is conducted. After identifying anew Lead Minister, for several months, the Lord willing, Jim will help prepare his successor for the new Lead Minister transition.

Whose idea was this?

Over two years ago Jim presented the idea of succession to the elders for consideration. This was his idea, not theirs. It is Jim’s conviction that now is the time to determine who will lead HCC into her next, and prayerfully, brightest chapter.

How long will this succession process take?

Based on national hiring trends, we anticipate this transition potentially lasting 12-18 months from the announcement (March 2020), through the selection/hiring process, including a 3-6 month orientation/hand-off period after which Jim would step off of the leadership team as he shifts to his next chapter of life and ministry.

Would the Elders consider a woman candidate for the new Lead Minister role?

As outlined in our Succession Plan posted on our website, “We are on a ‘Journey’ to identify the next man to sit in the Lead Minister chair at HCC Christian Church. We are conducting a national search seeking applicants for consideration, one of whom will make the transition into the position of being our next Lead Minister. We understand that the elder whose work vocationally is “preaching and teaching” (i.e. Lead Minister-I Timothy 5:17, 18) must fit the qualification of an elder/pastor/overseer as outlined in I Timothy 3:1-7, which designates this responsibility to a man. Women can serve in numerous capacities in the church, but serving as an elder or Lead Minister is a male role, based on the New Testament’s teaching.

Is there anyone on staff who is being considered?

The position is open for anyone who wishes to apply.

How can I help with the Search process?

Two big ways:

1. Pray daily for God to provide the right man to lead HCC into the future. Take part in our ongoing Prayer/Fasting Emphasis held on the first day of every month during the Succession process (see detailed suggestions on our website on how to participate).

2. If you know of a promising Succession Plan-FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) candidate who meets the Lead Minister Position Profile qualifications, invite him to submit his application for consideration under the APPLY tab below.

Will we get status updates?

Yes. Updates will be posted on our website in addition to updates through our newsletter; bulletins and pulpit updates.


Hillsboro is a city in and the county seat of Highland County, Ohio. It is located approximately 35 miles east of Cincinnati. The population was 6,605 at the 2010 census. This link will take you to the Hillsboro home page.

Highland County is located in southern Ohio and offers plenty of attractions; including Rocky Fork Lake State Park; hunting and fishing, many chain and local restaurants; bed and breakfasts; and a YMCA; just to name a few. Visit the Highland County Visitors Bureau


The Hillsboro Church of Christ is a church of about 300 active members and regular attenders with a growing number of young families with children. The church is located in the center of the city of Hillsboro. Since the organization of the church in 1888, HCC has been a faithful and growing family of believers serving God in our community.

2019 was a pivotal year for HCC as a recalibrated vision and mission were defined for the work of the church in Hillsboro and Highland County. “Hope Grows Here” is now our new vision while carrying out our revised mission of “building bridges of grace the bear the weight of truth”. We also defined our core beliefs – those things on which we will not compromise:

1. Biblical Authority

2. Fearless Obedience

3. The Next Generation

4. Faithful Stewardship

5. God-Honoring Excellence

The year 2020 begins a new leg of the journey for the Hillsboro Church of Christ and we are excited to see where God will lead us!


Position Profile


Restoration Movement values

Bachelor's degree

Embracing HCC's Mission Statement

Have 3-5 years experience leading a multi-staff

Live in Highland County

Develop annual goals for church staff

Serve with a global mission mindset

Ability to inspire others to live out our mission

Sense a calling to ministry

Be engaged in community


Sense a calling to preach

Call the lost


Christian Church college degree

Masters degree in Ministry

Have 10 years experience leading a multi-staff

Live within 10 minutes of HCC

Proven track record of such at current church

Have mission trip experience

Ability to inspire others dealing with specific cultural challenges (e.g. Drug epidemic, etc.)

Sense a calling to Hillsboro Church of Christ

Be part of a community/civic organization

Have a passion to preach

Go to the lost

Initial Alignment Assessment

This is an opportunity for you to engage with and tell us about some of your past experience. Please do not forget to send us your resume after filling out the assessment below.

If you are interested in being considered, send a letter and resume to