High School Morning

Christy Mycroft

Christy Mycroft leads one of our High School Hope Groups (9th grade through 12th grade).

´╗┐They meet Sunday mornings, 9:00 am, at church in room 1A (besides the Connection Cafe).

Join us for a new series "Truth Matters"

"What is Truth?" A question first posed in the Garden of Eden.

"Does truth matter?"

"Is there really right and wrong?"

"Or is truth just relative?"

A salad bar of choices in our "woke" culture?

The average age of teens leaving the faith is 16!

The answer is "YES!" what you believe about truth matters!

We no longer live in a culture that tolerates absolutes. and Christian teens today need to love God with all their minds, be ready to give an answer, and share THE TRUTH in the person of Jesus Christ on topics like:




cloning and stem cells



. . . and more!

Come join us as we tackle these controversial issues and become more confident in our faith!

Any high schooler who would like to join this Hope Group we would be glad to have you! Please complete the form below and we will contact you soon!